The concept of Miller Gardener has its roots in the 1980s when founder Douglas Miller visited many of the great gardens of England and Europe. The enduring beauty of those gardens and the care with which they were maintained kindled a burning question: Was it possible to create a company here and now with the qualifications to design and care for gardens of outstanding beauty in the English tradition of fine gardening? Miller Gardener came into being as evidence that it can be done.

Trained as a landscape architect with a bachelors degree from Michigan State University, and five years as a landscape architect in a large architectural firm, Douglas began serving clients in 1990 with the explicit understanding that a well designed garden is only as good as the care it receives. Designing and caring for gardens have been his passion ever since.

Designing, enhancing or maintaining the beauty and value of your property requires skill, knowledge and training. Miller Gardener brings garden design, pruning, fertilization, pest control, container gardening, seasonal flower design and installation. Competence is not enough; Miller Gardener is committed to delivering to every client one-to-one service that focuses our years of experience and applies it to your needs and desires.



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Garden Design Magazine

From Garden Design Magazine: "East Coast Garden Finds its True Cottage Identity," by Sarah Hutchinson

...Much like a counselor helps his patients embrace their true selves, Miller helped the owner establish a cohesive exterior style. "Originally plastic shutters flanked the windows and the trim was painted a bright white," he points out. These Colonial details were not doing the home justice, so Miller suggested switching to a cottage style. "The first part of the transition was simple; we removed the shutters, painted the trim a dark color, swapped out the front door and added window baskets."

With the shutters removed, trim painted and new window baskets, the home took on a strong cottage feel.

Next Miller turned his focus to the backyard where he was faced with a steep slope and exposure to neighboring houses that loomed overhead. His primary goal was to create space for entertaining, which was crucial for the homeowner, who is a local philanthropist and elected official. "The garden had to be suited for hosting small, sit-down dinner parties, as well as large, standing room only fundraisers," explains Miller. However, at just 1/3 of an acre there wasn't a lot of space to work with. With the help of stone walls, Miller terraced the hillside and created a series of garden rooms. Read more

From Gayley Knight in Washington, DC:

Doug Miller of MillerGardener, Inc. brings a creative and customized design to every project. His designs are rooted in his detailed knowledge of plant materials and incorporate environmental, regional climate, and maintenance as part of the design. Doug listens to his customers' needs and desires, often stretching the owner's vision through Doug's well-documented presentations. Doug is honest in his appraisal of what will grow well where, resulting in a blooming landscaped space. Doug's gardens are not created in a void. He considers the whole space: the topography, existing buildings, fences and mature trees, materials used in walkways and houses, sunlight and weather.

We've known Doug for over 25 years. His landscapes are always enticing, exciting, and yet a calm refuge.

Doug worked for us on a rooftop terrace project in a downtown DC apartment. Doug easily worked with the interior architect and contractor to insure the roof terrace gardens complimented the interior spaces. The project involved design, management, construction, and materials. It was run on time and within budget. Ultimately, the roof terrace became a green roof with several types of sedum, tall trees, stone planters for colorful annuals and perennials, curved edges, and an irrigation system. The landscaping challenges included all day full sun, with sporadic shaded areas, high gusty winds, weight of the planters, and perserving a spectacular view that needed to be seen, yet providing private spaces out of the sight of neighboring buildings.

The end result is perfect — and low maintenance as well. Doug's extensive repertoire of other professionals (green roof materials supplier, irrigation and lighting companies) simplified it all.

I highly recommend Doug Miller and MillerGardener to anyone for outstanding, original design, professionalism, customer service and follow-up as well as continued landscape maintenance.

From Melinda Estridge, Owner of the Estridge Group (Long & Foster Realtors):

I hired Doug Miller who was referred to me by a colleague to work on my yard 12 years ago. I had viewed some of his work and felt he would be a good fit for my gardens. My house was owned by a former director of the National Arboretum in Washington DC so we had many specimen plants and trees. I have a pool and back to Rock Creek Park so improving and continuing the look and feel of the space was important to me. Doug and I have worked and planed together for years. We have created a wonderful space and atmosphere. I make suggestions as does he. Doug comes weekly with his cohorts to prune, clean and tend the plants. He also decorates my front door for fall, Halloween and Christmas. I feel wonderful every time I pull into my driveway, I smile at what an oasis Doug has created. I recommend him without reservation.

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